We all are unique and perceive life and life events in our own individualistic manner. We consciously or unconsciously follow and are inclined towards an ideology or a philosophical paradigm.

These underlying differences, if not addressed, may lead to questions like

– Why can’t they simply follow my guide?

– What is so difficult in my opinion that they just can’t understand?

– Why can’t we all be on the same page?

– How can someone be so closed-minded?

But, being different is inevitable right? These inventible differences make me wonder if it is possible for us to work with people with different logic without internal conflict?

I encourage that we go introspect and be expansive in our ways of being such that we can be the space where other logic can exist. Where others feel heard and that others can shine.

– Wouldn’t it be great if we could be dialectical to understand “Others”?

– Wouldn’t it be great if we grow more to be Inclusive of “Others” and their logic?

– Wouldn’t it be worth our efforts to think beyond what we already know?

– Wouldn’t it be worth our efforts to BE more than what our limiting thoughts allowed us to BE?

It is possible to be on the same page and yet approach events differently. Let’s embrace rather than manage our differences.

I work with teams in identifying unconcious bias and creating an empowering environment where we all shine. Contact me for more information.