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We appriciate all the love and support from our We Belong CARE Community as we have over 5,000 people believing in the mission of We Belong. Below is a collection of our facebook reviews and individual reviews from our client base. 

    positive review  Saurubh from We Belong Education is excellent. One of the best I've seen - whether you are an OSHC or ECE service (or school teachers), you won't regret getting Saurubh... read more

    Barbi Clendining Avatar Barbi Clendining
    December 18, 2022

    positive review  Sarab 😉 I can safely say your presentation for the POM FDC educators this weekend was hands down the best personal development seminar I have ever been to. You blew... read more

    The Ministry of Happiness Family Day Care Avatar The Ministry of Happiness Family Day Care
    November 13, 2022

    positive review  Absolutely will, honestly your work at Stac OSHC was the best out of the workshops we did. I found your work very inspiring, was inline with my psychology knowledge and... read more

    Rebecca Nolan Avatar Rebecca Nolan
    April 1, 2022

    positive review  Would highly recommend this service. Was a fantastic leadership development session! Was thinking critically about the questions behind our own and our staffs behaviors, and I walked away feeling motivated... read more

    Laura Terry Avatar Laura Terry
    February 19, 2022

    positive review  Incredible in every way: super informative, approachable and down to earth. Looking forward to our next workshop!

    Audina Jarufe Avatar Audina Jarufe
    February 17, 2022

    positive review  Saurubh, you’re an absolute legend and I recommend you to everyone! We are so happy we found you and proud to say we were the first 😍 Our staff found your... read more

    Carol Desnica Avatar Carol Desnica
    November 2, 2021

    positive review  5-5 great information . thank you

    Kendra Walters Avatar Kendra Walters
    April 19, 2021

    positive review  a great program learnt alot great teacher too

    Kylie James Avatar Kylie James
    February 11, 2020

    positive review  Asking children the right questions to get a complete picture of the ghost chasing them while they zig zag up the stairs. Brilliant program that doesn't just help at work,... read more

    Kath Edwards Avatar Kath Edwards
    December 2, 2019

    positive review  Yesterday Edge Hill OSHC welcomed Saurubh to our service for a PD session and an In service Consultancy, we thoroughly enjoyed both and found him to be a fantastic,... read more

    Michelle Spooner Avatar Michelle Spooner
    November 12, 2019

    positive review  Fun and interactive experience. I would highly recommend

    Katy Kilgour Avatar Katy Kilgour
    June 5, 2019

    positive review  Saurubh is a great communicator and expresses his vision of care for the future of children not just in Australia but India as well

    Ali Diprose Murphy Avatar Ali Diprose Murphy
    May 18, 2019

    positive review  It is a group of like-minded people having intelligent doscussions and sharing life experiences, away from all the negative and silly trivia on the main FB page. We can all... read more

    Barbara-Marie Grant Avatar Barbara-Marie Grant
    December 30, 2018
quote-01Wow- During my 25 years within this industry, I have never attended such an incredible workshop. Theory of choice brings a whole new light to the subject of positive behaviour support. Understanding the behaviour doesn’t mean you fix it immediately.

Natalie Philp

Director OSHC

quote-01Saurubh’s presentation was enlightening. It is great to do a workshop that results in real strategies that once implemented will work. It just takes time. The presentation certainly helped us to understand children and empower educators. Understanding self-regulation was the key that unlocked the understanding of children’s behaviour. Can’t wait for part 2.

Joanne Jackson

Service Leader OSHC


This session was amazing, the interaction was awesome from all educators. Being taught a different way of dealing with situations. Really enjoyed this session.

Karen Paterson

Coordinator OSHC

quote-01Saurubh’s presentation was enlightening. It is great to do a workshop that results in real strategies that once implemented will work. It just takes time. The presentation certainly helped us to understand children and empower educators. Understanding self-regulation was the key that unlocked the understanding of children’s behaviour. Can’t wait for part 2.

Joanne Jackson

Service Leader OSHC

quote-01I attended Saurubh’s presentation on Reflections. I loved the way he broke down the 5 OSHC outcomes and linked them to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and CASEL. Saurubh also used his PhD research findings to demonstrate how the outcomes actually relate to children’s experience. Moreover, Saurubh’s sense of humour is out of this world and he made the presentation a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I can’t wait for his next workshop!!


Relief Coordinator

quote-01This session was extremely informative and very well presented. He presented Real Philosophical ideas in a way for everyone to understand. Following these concepts not only in OSHC but in everyday life will benefit everyone.


Lead Educator

quote-01I think this was an insightful workshop into how we can change our perspective, comments and tones on certain issues when they arise. It was also reassuring that it is OK to feel different emotions when dealing with the child/children that express themselves more.

Lauren Butcher


quote-01An outstanding presentation that was not only extremely engaging but very informative that left our Educators wanting more. After the session, we collaborated with each other and spoke about implementing Saurubh’s strategies immediately! There wasn’t a second out of the 2 hours that I felt a need for a break as I was blown away with Saurubh’s enthusiasm and passion for the children. I could relate to every aspect of the presentation in a positive way leaving feeling energised and excited for the change. I could see the shift in Educator’s thoughts straight away

Carol Desnica

Coordinator OSHC

quote-01Anyone within the OSHC sector should take the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Staff and Establishing strong Communication Culture workshop to expand their knowledge on what they do every day. Our staff who attended were engaged and excited to implement the strategies we learnt. We are also excited to see the staff sharing the information with those who could not attend on the day. A sure sign of success!

Karen Brown / Anita Noiesen

Coordinator OSHC

quote-01Engaging, relatable, do-able, self-reflection is important to me. I like that “No-Power” is a strategy and would be beneficial to this centre.

Sharon Aldridge

P & C Cooperation Manager

quote-01I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Saurabh and use him as a resource. He can break down the theory and implement them into a practical setting showing why we, as Educators do what we do. The concept of theory can be overwhelming and for a lot of my staff it was the practical application that made his programs most rewarding. Behaviour Management is always an area where my staff has asked for guidance and support. I highly recommend these programs and any opportunity you can spend with Saurabh will be rewarding.



quote-01Saurubh is so knowledgeable and personable. He offered thought provoking and practical guidance that will help us in improving our culture and relationships with the children.

Shannon Parish

Lead Educator

quote-01This workshop was extremely engaging and enjoyable. It was refreshing to hear different approaches to child behaviour that are formulated in positive ways. Tis was a highly rewarding experience with great educational value.

Shelley Herbert

Educational Leader

quote-01I found it very interesting that the Humanist Argument can provide such a different perspective on children’s development. Such a small mind switch in thinking of our way to interact with children can change their interactions towards us.

Blayze Leigh

Educational Leader

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