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Through a variety of programs and formats, We Belong Education has the flexibility to meet our client’s needs. We specialise in delivering thought provoking professional development workshops, keeping short and long term goals in mind. We take pride in catering our programs and packages to create custom experiences for every client. Here are our some of our most popular programs, to help understand our methodology:

Social and Emotional Development

Expand your understanding of children’s emotional needs and their behaviour from a holistic perspective! Throughout this program we will review contemporary theories, and introduce the concept of executive functioning.

Educators will leave this program armed with the knowledge and tools about children’s brain development that will help in critically reflection and provide resources to those assisting children with additional needs at their service –  creating an environment inclusive of all.

Communication and Interactive Supervision

Enhance your interpersonal communication skills in the workplace! Interactive supervision increases engagement, reduces incidents, helps create sense of belonging – allowing educators to become positive role models to those in their care. For interactive supervision to be effective, we explore critical factors, like blind spots in our environments, that impact our communication.

Lack of cohesion, communication and common belief can be considered as one of the major causes of disagreements in the workplace. Backed by concepts of mechanical and psychological interferences this program will empower and motivate educators to tackle the circumstantial challenges they face on a daily basis.

Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Among Educators

Become empowered by developing your emotional intelligence! By prioritising our own wellbeing, we can create a culture of resilience and collaboration in the workplace. We introduce the concept of agreements, impressions and identities and how these phenomenon’s impact our behaviours.

Together we will discuss factors that lead to demotivation, loss of confidence, and increased stress in staff, while providing an opportunity to identify practical strategies to improve emotional intelligence and job satisfaction. Warning! This program is filled with laughter and learning.

Critical Reflections on Programming

Gain a deeper understanding of critical reflections and evaluating educational practice! By bringing a unique approach to this topic through backward planning, where we keep the end goal in mind first, and work backwards. We share theoretical perspectives and real life examples with you to apply this easily at your workplace.

We ensure that you enjoy this experience and understand critical reflections and evaluations in a way that resonates with you. This learning will assist you to reflect efficiently in the workplace from the very next day!

Behaviour Management vs Behaviour Engagement

Equip yourself and your team by learning our 10 step strategy (backed by contemporary theoretical perspectives on childhood development) on how to effectively guide positive behaviours among children. Through this program, we will explore the brain development of various age groups and create a clear distinction between adult logic vs child logic.

Through a review about the phenomena of ‘Reciprocal Determinism and Socio-Cognitive Theory’ staff will master not just the children’s behaviour being exhibited but influential factors, such as the environment, to aid in their ability to create a safe, engaging, and supportive environment for both the staff and the children.

Have another program or goal in mind?

Perhaps you have another program in mind to help you or your team. Many of our clients come to us with their unique needs, so contact us! Let us cater a program to fit your professional development goals.

Together, we will create new possibilities!

Whether you are curious about how we can help you or your team or if you would like to discuss customised packages, schedule a consultation at a time that best fits your schedule to discuss how We Belong Education can assist you.

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