There are several variables that are at play while creating a safe and supportive environment for both the staff and the children. We often focus on the behavioural variables impacting a service. However, in this program we will focus on the phenomena of ‘Reciprocal Determinism and Socio-Cognitive Theory’, looking at the Personal, Environmental and Behavioural variables influencing an individual’s willingness in performing a task. We will learn about the complicated relationship these factors have among themselves and how one influences the other. Through learning this Reciprocal Relationships, the staff would be able to master not just the children’s behaviours that are exhibited but also the other factors which lead to those behaviours.

Children make sense of the space and environment around them quite differently from how you or I might see it. Our expertise and ideas assist you to look at your environment in new ways – even with new eyes! This dynamic theory and experienced-based workshop will help you make the most of the space and resources you have at your workplace We explore your current programs, practices and paraphernalia and discuss avenues for creating an effective environment

On completion of this program the team will be able to evaluate these variables at the service and make necessary changes in the team’s approach towards children and to the physical environment around children and staff. This powerful program will also allow staff members to have more confidence in their way of conducting their duties at the service. They will have a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities and will be able to have more ownership of their own reactions towards children’s behaviours.

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