In our Behaviour Engagement vs Behaviour Management workshop, we will share a unique 10 step strategy backed by contemporary theoretical perspectives on childhood development. We bring several real-life scenarios to you and create a unique workshop catering for the needs identified at your organisation. The workshop goes beyond simply sharing the 10 steps, it focuses on why and how these 10 steps impact children’s behaviours positively. The staff members feel empowered in implementing these strategies since they can now associate their daily practices to proven technology. Along with the benefits to children, this program is very valuable in enhancing the wellbeing of educators at your service.

This will also bring all the staff members on the same page and thereby creating a consistent culture throughout the service. This will create consistent routines for children which are not subjective and allow them to express themselves within the guidelines. We find that in a service where children are engaged in healthy conversations and interactions, educators enjoy being in their workplace and are excited to spend quality time with the children in their organisation.

Our Programs

Through a variety of programs and formats, We Belong Education has the flexibility to meet our client’s needs. We specialise in delivering thought provoking professional development workshops, keeping short and long term goals in mind. We take pride in catering our programs and packages to create custom experiences for every client.