Our program on Social and Emotional Learning Support (SELS) looks at various research on this important topic and run workshops to foster social and emotional competence among the educators and children. This program assists organisations in catering for staff wellbeing.

This fun workshop enables you to identify areas in which you excel and those you might like to improve upon. In this workshop, we will share 3 major theoretical perspectives on social and emotional competencies among children and adults. The triangulation of these approaches builds a platform that educators can use to critically reflect on their actions and behaviours thereby creating a deeper understanding of children’s actions and behaviours. This fosters a healthy environment of positive interaction between educators and children in their care. This also assists in enhancing the communication culture of an entire service with the intention to empower educators in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and of other educators. During the workshops, we make use of fun activities to maximise participation and ensure that the participants at your service are equipped with a profound understanding of self-awareness, which leads them to understand and reflect on issues around them.

Our holistic approach to the SELS will enable the participants to generate a new context through which they can view themselves, children and people around them. This workshop also caters to a very important issue of staff members’ overall wellbeing; one of my core beliefs. On completion of the workshop educators will leave feeling touched, moved and inspired; for this is a beautiful arena and opportunity to transform children’s lives.

Thus, your connection with children is transformed in a positive direction. We see this workshop transforming connections between educators and children in positive new directions.

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