The power of Self-Awareness. 

  • What is the difference between Compulsive Reaction and Conscious Action? Do you know?
  • How does one know if he/she is Responding to the situation rather than Reacting to the situation?

The presence or absence of Self-Awareness determines the type of interaction we have with others in our lives. This is why I believe a good first step to being consciously active is to explore Self-Awareness during our own times of disappointment.

  • What triggers us?
  • What comes in the way of having a fulfilling experience?
  • What stops us from our own self-expression?

This understanding in our own lives and the eventual embodiments of these realisations impact the very quality of life.

I have run many Self-Awareness sessions in schools. I am honoured to be contributing to the community with something I am passionate about. Contact me if you would like to learn more.