There are times we Self-Realise what is needed of us, but it takes time for us to Embody these realisations in our lives. What comes easy to us, may not be that simple for others.

This is when we often ask ourselves questions like:

  • Why can’t they just get this simple thing?
  • Are my instructions too complicated?
  • Do they even want to listen to what I am saying?
  • Are they doing this on purpose?

In the world of Improvement and Growth, we all are trying to step up from where we are to where we can be, one barrier at a time.


During such circumstances, as a leader or as an educator, perhaps what we can offer to ‘others’ is our Patience, Love and Care.

Educator and child

Here I am sharing my perspectives with staff and children, helping them see what could also be possible. 

It will test our character as we allow people around us to be on their journey of Realisation to Embodiment.

  • Can we stay persistent with our offerings while others develop around us?
  • Do you think you can support others even though they have a different logic from yours?

This is just the beginning, there is a lot more to go…