Webinar Recordings: These webinars are created with an intention to provide sustainable development amongst educators. The recordings of these webinars will stay with your team for a span of one year. During this time, you and your team can review the content and raise any queries during the Quarterly Live Hangouts.

Reflecting Journal / Worksheets: The worksheets will ensure that your staff members have an opportunity to reflect on their learning and maintain a Reflective Journal of 12 worksheets. These reflective journals will provide the necessary cohesion amongst your educators as they all will be engaged in thought provoking conversation on Children Holistic Development and Educators’ Emotional Wellbeing.

Possibilities: No two services are the same and thus there seems to be a variety in educators’ knowledge, work ethics, team composition and educators’ philosophical paradigm. The differences in the core fundamental values can magnify the existing challenges. This support system will provide the necessary cohesion among teams all across your organisation and will assist them with their progress through a consistent plan.

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