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I’m Saurubh Malviya

Founder and Director of We Belong Education.

I am passionate about improving children’s social and emotional well-being and how to cultivate them with their educators and caregivers. I care so much about it; it’s the subject of my doctoral research.

I work with educational bodies such as schools, OOSH services and long daycare providers. Together we make a difference.


Topics I work with

Being aware of oneself is an integral part of human development and it starts at childhood. You would have noticed that a few children excel in this and some struggle with the concept of being aware of oneself. We believe that social awareness is at the core of everything we do. To be present to our needs and of the people around us is a crucial competency among children.

Our programs cater for self-awareness among individuals and creating a sense of awareness of others around them, thus being socially aware of their environment. Individuals who are equipped with social awareness make responsible decisions and are inclusive of the needs of others. This core competency is crucial for children to grow up and create a world around them which benefits all.


We often notice that some children are reserved about their views whereas some are quite open of their opinions. Self-expression is very important for children, but at times it is thwarted due to the perceived consequences. Some children may be scared of sharing their ideas and on the other hand, some might like to impose their ideas on others. The way children communicate verbally and non-verbally is crucial to identify. In absence of this self-expression, children might feel unheard, unappreciated, not valued and might retaliate in an undesired way.

There are factors which influence these expressions. We do not limit our work to the personality types, we go beyond them and share contemporary research in this field with you. Our program on Self-expression can assist educators in identifying what works and what doesn’t work for the children in their workplace and create an environment such where self-expression can be celebrated and promoted among children.


You must be aware of academic intelligence among children. There are scales to measure this intelligence and we often grade children based on how they perform in school tests. Emotional intelligence is distinct from academic intelligence. It is about how a child reacts in a given situation, what might frustrate a child, what might be some of the triggers which lead to an emotional response and how can a child become responsible about his/her emotions.

In absence of this control, a child might react inappropriately in a given situation thus leading to undesired behaviour. Although we believe that these behaviours are a part of childhood, our programs are designed to empower children to take responsibility for their emotions and deal with them powerfully. We argue that emotional intelligence is at par with academic intelligence and should be given equal attention.


It is important to see what factors influence children’s choices. Glasser’s theory of choice hints that children might make choices to survive, to love and to belong, to experience freedom, to have fun, and to exert power. How does this show up at your workplace? Have you ever wondered about how this phenomenon impacts children’s behaviour? Perhaps their undesired behaviour might be a sign of lack of love or of them exerting power.

Our programs are designed to assist you in identifying specific behaviours and what may be at the background of these behaviours. We will assist you in creating an environment such that it caters for these critical areas, which would not only assist children at your workplace but also the educators.


Maslow and Carl Rogers, two of the key researcher and advocate of humanist theories, stress that children can attain self-actualisation. Humanistic psychology has affected the educational system with its views on self-esteem, self-directed learning, and confluent education, offering tools for personal and spiritual transformation. Maslow stressed that humans have an inborn desire to satisfy various needs, which he termed as the hierarchy of needs. Physiological needs call pre-emptively for satisfaction; then follows needs for safety, for love and belonging and for self-esteem. Maslow regarded these as “deficiency needs”.

Children respond to their environment based on where they find themselves in the hierarchy of needs. Our programs are highly influenced by the humanist paradigm and the elements within. We bring forth distinct possibilities at your workplace such that both children and staff members have the sense of belonging to your workplace. The sense of belonging plays a vital role in work performance and children’s behaviour.

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