Staff motivation is an area that has been widely discussed in Outside School Hours Care. There could be several factors that lead to a lack of motivation among OSHC staff members. Some are obvious to the staff and some are not. In this workshop, we look at the 3 models of motivation and provide staff members with tools through which they can identify the variables impacting their motivational level. We emphasise on the concept of Constructivism and explore how staff members create their own realities in terms of understanding the world around them. Then, we construct a new empowering context for the staff members through which can they fulfil on their goals more efficiently.

Furthermore, we explore the concept of Metacognition among staff members: a powerful phenomenon through which staff members become self-aware of their thought processes and are enabled with a capacity to analyse and evaluate their understanding of conceptual knowledge. This empowers staff members with an ability to self-regulate and generate intrinsic motivation instead of relying on the extrinsic rewards.

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