Meet Saurubh Malviya

Saurubh is the Founder and Director of We Belong Education. Based in Brisbane, QLD he is a consultant and keynote speaker for many leading organisations. Since We Belong Education's establishment in 2019, he has consulted and delivered professional development workshops to more than 300 organisations across Australia.

Saurubh specialises in social and emotional development for children and their educators. Through his unique approach of comedic story telling, he leans on contemporary psychological theories to tackle the most vital professional development topics that individuals, services, and organisations request.  

After relocating to Australia from his hometown in central India, Saurubh has spent the last 15 years in the industry starting as a class room teacher, then becoming university lecturer, educator and service manager. He obtained his Master’s in Teaching (Primary Education) and is continuing his research through his PhD candidacy at Griffith University, where he is exploring the overall brain development of children and the learning environments that are critical for their development.

Saurubh is passionate about the overall emotional well-being of his family, friends, and clients. Through his personal experiences learning and adapting through the major cultural differences between India and Australia, Saurubh has provides a unique perspective for others looking to create a sense of belonging in their organisation, inclusive of all

As a university lecturer Saurubh received recognition of excellence in teaching for his unique approach. His delivery in the classroom has been widely recognised by his peers and has continued into his consultancy, where he creates a learning environment for his clients to laugh and learn.

Saurubh’s expertise in the field of education and care is widely recognised by both national and international communities. Through his professional career and as a consultant, Saurubh has assisted organisations to win awards and exceed the assessment and rating standards of the National Quality Framework. 
In his off days Saurubh is an avid cricket player and doggo dad, where you can find him enjoying the beautiful outdoor settings in Queensland. While traveling to distance clients, like those in Cairns, Sydney, and South Australia, he always find time to explore, take in, and appreciate the local scenery across Australia. Most importantly, he loves Indian food, which for him is just, food.

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